Article Overview – Watchblog during COP21

Find here a list of all published blog articles from the Media Watch Blog during COP21.

Journalism at the frontlines of civic action, Anabela Carvalho, 15.12.2015

What Google Trends can tell us about COP21?, Bastian Kießling, 15.12.2015

Two weeks on Twitter: COP21, smoking heads and tweets from outer space, Adrian Rauchfleisch, 14.12.2015

Reflections from Paris, James Painter, 13.12.2015

Civil Society Actors in the #Climatechange Debate, Stefanie Walter, 13.12.2015

Lost on the Road to Paris? The Framing of 2 degree limit 2009-2014, Markus Rhomberg, 12.12.2015

Momentum for carbon pricing is growing (and the private sector is fueling it), Cristina Belda Font, 12.12.2015

Exxon vs The People, Adrienne Russel and Risto Kunelius, 12.12.2015

A climate of change in media coverage?, Gesa Luedecke, 11.12.2015

Bridging the gap: Under-representation and communication between groups at COP21, Rebecca Froese, 11.12.2015

A change in mind (Photo journalism project as a support for #EarthToParis), Anne Schmitz, 10.12.2015

What’s the hold up? The slow transition to renewable energy, Feilidh O’Dwyer-Strang, 10.12.2015

“I Can’t Believe I Still Have To Protest This Sh*t” Seven Days of Climate Change on Reddit, Jonas Kaiser, 09.12.2015

Public meanings in Paris : Analysing Twitter hashtag trends from COP21, Warren Pearce, 09.12.2015

Giving climate change a local connection, Bienvenido Léon, 08.12.2015

Climate justice activism under the ‘state of emergency’, Joost de Moor, 08.12.2015

Climate coverage across cultures: 9 types of media narratives at COP21, Sara Nofri, 07.12.2015

Why there needs to be more public debate on climate change, Felix Schreyer, 06.12.2015

Degrees and vulnerability – A personal account of climate activists at COP21, 05.12.2015, Elisabeth Eide

Ulysses in Paris – Climate narratives and avoiding the siren’s song, 05.12.2015, Reiner Grundmann

Security measures and civil society actions: a (quick) quantitative analysis of a week’s media coverage, 04.12.2015, Alan Ouakrat

Does the mainstream media tell the full story? A critical account of coverage at COP21, 03.12.2015, Max Boykoff

How data journalism is impacting the climate change debate, 02.12.2015, Fenja Schmidt

Was the “failure” of the Copenhagen climate summit key to expected “success” in Paris?, 01.12.2015, Hans von Storch

COP 21: A new chance for common sense and common action?30.11.2015, Brigitte Nerlich

Paris rises after attacks as some Pacific Islands are going under, 30.11.2015, Elisabeth Eide

Time to Move on: The Paris Summit as Opportunity to Develop New Narratives on Climate Change, 29.11.2015, Michael Brüggemann

Expectations for Paris Summit 2015 – What’s at stake?, 28.11.2015, Feilidh O’Dwyer-Strang