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The Soundtrack of the Climate Crisis – or: „Where are all the Climate Songs?“

logo music and climate crisis

by Fenja De Silva-Schmidt

Extreme weather events and forest fires have recently pushed the climate crisis up on the news agenda – still, going to the cinema or listening to the radio rarely gets us in contact with the topic. Where are the songs dealing with the climate crisis?

In two previous posts, we have written about climate change in pop songs and climate change in alternative and indie music (all posts of our series on “Climate Change in Pop Culture” can be found here). Now there is even a database for songs dealing with the climate crisis and mass extinction:  Marc Pendzich, musicologist and composer from Hamburg, and Peter Czermak, musician and music teacher from Steyr/Austria, have started an already impressive collection on their websites and The songs are accompanied by a lot of scientific background information (in German), explaining what role music could and should play in dealing with the climate crisis. For easier access, there is also a playlist on YouTube.

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