OMM: Online Media Monitor on Climate Change

The Online Media Monitor (OMM): Ongoing monitoring of the transnational online media debate on climate change

Online media – both from journalistic outlets and from social networking platforms – are central sources of information about climate change. Therefore, analyses of online reporting are important for the understanding of how climate change is constructed in public debates.

To contribute to this goal, the Online Media Monitor for climate change was developed. It provides data of an automated daily updated monitoring of the transnational climate debate in online media. One application is an investigation of whether, and if so how, short-term temperature records affect the media attention paid to climate change.

The OMM consists of two parts:

I. Worldwide online climate reporting analysis from news sites

View time series: percentage of climate change related articles online

View interactive global map

II. Twitter Analysis

Further information about the country and media sample as well as the different functions of the OMM can be found here: OMM Manual German & English


Do heatwaves drive media coverage?


Data citation:

Brüggemann, Michael / Sadikni, Remon (2022): Online Media Monitor on Climate Change (OMM): Analysis of Global Tweets and Online Media Coverage. Universität Hamburg. URL:

See further information on the website of the Integrated Climate Data Center.