Sustainable Lives: Preliminary findings from the first project stage

Frühstück Essen

Since the “Food project” has now brought its first stage to a close, it is time to present some preliminary findings.

With the funding provided by KNU, we have conducted a thorough interdisciplinary literature review and several pilot studies: a representative survey in sociology, experiments in economics, a qualitative and an automated content analysis in journalism studies, an analysis of social media content in communication studies, a metaphor analysis in linguistics, and narrative interviews in geography.

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Kommt nicht in die Tüte – Artikel zu nachhaltigen Konsumentscheidungen

Warum nachhaltig zu leben und zu konsumieren manchmal schwierig ist und wie sehr unser alltägliches Handeln auf Gewohnheiten basiert, erklärt Soziologin Stefanie Kley im Interview mit dem Magazin der Süddeutschen Zeitung “Plan W”. Neben ihr kommen auch eine Fashion-Bloggerin und die Leiterin einer digitalen Petitionsplattform zu Wort. Der komplette Artikel ist hier verfügbar.

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Lecture Series Sustainable Lives: Carbon Offsetting with Eco-Conscious Consumers

In the last part of the lecture series organised by the “Sustainable Lives” project, Gilvan “Gil“ C. Souza , Professor at Bloomington, Indiana University, will talk about Carbon Offsetting with Eco-Conscious Consumers.

He will present a model of a firm that can reduce its carbon footprint in response to the emergence of a segment of eco-conscious consumers, who consider the embedded carbon footprint of a product when making purchasing decisions.

The lecture is organised in cooperation with Prof. Guido Voigt, Faculty of Business Administration, Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

It takes part Friday, 29.11.2019, from 10:00-12:00 at Moorweidenstraße 18, Room 0005.1.

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Lecture Series Sustainable Lives

Accompanying our research project on sustainable food choices, our team is currently organizing a public lecture series on the topic of sustainable lifestyles.

In three events from April to June 2019, international guests will present their work concerning different aspects of the topic. The lectures cover Digital Foodscapes, Public Perceptions and Engagement with Climate Change and Social Identities in a Globalized World.

Further information about the dates and place can be found in the announcement poster.

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First results from survey: What do people eat in Hamburg?

What kind of food do people in Hamburg usually eat, and do they link their daily consumption to sustainability? The sub-project from Prof. Stefanie Kley conducted a representative telephone survey with more than a thousand respondents in Hamburg from August to December 2018, dealing with the topics of food choice and nutrition. First results are now available (flyer, in German).

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Workshop on Sustainable Lives: Food Choices as Politics and Lifestyle

by Radhika Mittal and Fenja De Silva-Schmidt

The Food Project is a multidisciplinary endeavor at Hamburg University, funded by KNU with seed money, bringing together collaborating researchers from various disciplines to examine the relay and utilization of a critical issue like sustainable food practices in the public sphere.

At the University of Hamburg, researchers from the disciplines of Journalism and Communication Studies, Sociology, Economics and Linguistics are engaged in conducting pilot experiments. They are joined by a researcher from the University of Graz, Austria to examine the topic within the area of Social Geography.

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