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Rezension: “Medien in der Klima-Krise”

Cover Medien in der Klima-Krise

von Leia Nicki Kantenwein

In dem von KLIMA° vor acht herausgegebenen Sammelband „Medien in der Klima-Krise“ beschäftigen sich Expert_innen aus den Bereichen Klima- und Kommunikationsforschung mit dem Zustand, den Problemen und mit Möglichkeiten zur Verbesserung der Berichterstattung über die Klimakrise. In dem Buch ist wichtiges Wissen versammelt, das Medienschaffende zum Umdenken bewegen kann. Leider tappen viele Beiträge in die Falle des Individualismus.

In 23 Beiträgen versammelt der 2022 erschienene Band verschiedene Stimmen aus der Praxis und aus der Forschung. Er stellt die Frage, wie man einen Journalismus gestalten kann, der den gesamtgesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen gewachsen ist, die die fortlaufende Zerstörung unserer aller Lebensgrundlage mit sich bringt. Continue reading Rezension: “Medien in der Klima-Krise”

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Is the Corona Crisis good or bad for the climate?

by Joana Kollert 

A few days ago, at the end of March, it snowed! Having never experienced snow this late in Hamburg and with the knowledge that 2019 was the second warmest year on record after 2016, my first thought was: this must be the direct cooling effect due to the COVID-19 induced industrial shutdown.

I felt a strange sense of righteousness, as if all climate change skeptics and politicians could now no longer deny the link between economic growth and global warming. This is of course an extremely oversimplified analysis; it is impossible to link two unexpected snow days in Hamburg with a global slowing down in industrial production . Moreover, climate change is a statistically significant variation in “average weather” over a period of 30 years, such that we cannot make any scientifically sound connections between a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions lasting but a few months and global warming.

Nevertheless, the economic shutdown has led to some directly observable environmental benefits.

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Was the “failure” of the Copenhagen climate summit key to expected “success” in Paris?


Blog by Professor Hans von Storch

Professor Hans von Storch is a highly distinguished ocean and climate scientist. He has written 20 books and sits on numerous climate advisory boards. He usually writes for the climate blog: Die Klimazwiebel

Recently, a journalist asked me in passing – which was the best COP so far, which the worst?

Honestly, I have not been a good observer of these meetings. All I know there were many and the next is #21. There was Copenhagen, sometimes labelled Hopenhagen by enthusiasts. It was COP15 and the year was 2009. Copenhagen, the last exit, it was called, the last chance for instituting a binding policy which would make “us” limit global anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change to a stable 2 deg in 2100.

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